Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Denim & Pearls

This shop owner is one busy lady! Not only does she own and manage 3 Zibbet shops,  she also writes various articles for Zibbet's blog Inspire !

A jewelry maker myself,  I love her handmade jewelry! Denim & Pearls has some of the most beautiful pieces of casual yet elegant jewelry,  perfect for everyday with jeans or for your more formal occasions!

You'll find this information in Vickie's profiles!
"My name is Vicki Schofield and I am the owner of Denim and Pearls, where I offer jewelry designs that embrace my two favorite fashion statements: denim and pearls!

I am a former high school teacher turned full time jewelry and needlework designer. I am a wife and mother and mother-in-law. My family is second only to my faith in God! I am deeply committed to all that I hold dear--my faith, my family and my creative pursuits. I love doing custom jewelry design work so please don't hesitate to inquire about the possibility of having something created that is "uniquely you!" 

I am sometimes assisted by one or more of my three kitties--Lluvia, Oreo and Cali.

Lluvia, the tabby cat, is the least frequent contributor and rarely makes an appearance in the studio. Oreo, the tuxedo kitty, is quite fond of positioning herself on my design table as close as she can possibly be to me. Cali, the calico, can usually be found on my chair or on the floor
at my feet under the design table.

I LOVE beads, especially glass and crystal, freshwater and glass pearls, and white metal finishes. In addition to creating adornments for your ears, neck and wrists, I also design jewelry for your books, cell phones and keys.

 I am {also} owner and designer of A Stitch and a Prayer, where I offer original counted thread needlework patterns. My designs feature Christian and family themes. I most enjoy designing band samplers based on a verse of scripture. I love color and texture and often apply stitches to fabric that are traditionally used on needlepoint canvas. Handdyed floss and beads are often components of my designs.

A Stitch and a Prayer was "born" in 2001 as a wholesale only design company. However, a few years ago I decided to offer my patterns for sale directly to retail customers by way of the Internet. I am very excited to now sell through Zibbet!

Vicki also participates in Z Box with all 3 of her Shops!

Vicki is a great source of inspiration and a wealth of information! She inspires many of us in the Zibbet Forums! 
Please visit her Zibbet Shops and shop!

Please go visit with Vicki you won't be sorry! While you are there tell her Zibbeters: Show and Tell Blog sent you!
Thank you! Until next time have a great day!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Portable Graffiti

Portable Graffiti has an awesome business going here! Just read her feedback to see that !

She will stand on her head to help you get exactly the look you are wanting for any graphic designing she does for you!

You'll find this info on Judy's profile in her Portable Graffiti Graphics, shop......

My graphic design experience started in high school with a major in art. I won first place in an ad layout contest.

I worked in a print shop after school starting when I was 16. Stayed with the same company after graduation.

I was a paste-up artist. They don't even call it that anymore, I guess. Instead of a computer we used x-acto knives and rubber cement. Cut up all the words and pictures and glued them in place instead of a computer key for "cut and paste." Lines were created with a roll of chart pak tape. I still have a small collection of these "antique" tools. Can't make myself get rid of my t-square, triangle, waxer, burnisher and proportion wheel even though they are useless tools now.

Lettra Graphics, Pleasantville, NY
Omni Magazine
American Photographer

Phase One Graphics – Peekskill, NY
Prentice Hall
Franklin Watts
Simon & Schuster

Assistant Marketing Director
LeCroy Corporation, Chestnut Ridge, NY

Like these buttons?  
Judy does buttons also,  there are SO MANY  in her shop to choose from I had a hard time deciding which ones to put on here!  I LOVE so many of them!  You can get a really good idea of her sense of humor! Great Buttons!

That's not all Judy does either!  She also has a proofreading business and I can tell you there is a giant need for that! I see a lot of websites that could greatly benefit from this service! 

Please go see Judy for your graphic designs needs, your button fetish, and your proofreading services! 

AND  AS if that enough isn't to keep Judy busy, she also sells Vintage and 
other crafty curiosities......

Here's where you can find her!