Monday, April 22, 2013

Mother's Day Giveaway

ZBox is excited to "Host" this giveaway for one of our Z Box Shops!

She is giving away this fabulous piece of  her handcrafted jewelry !

First Place Winner..... 

WINS THIS!!!!!!!
Valued at : $325.00

The necklace was originally created as a gift for the stylists of The Vampire Diaries. It blends together references to both dark and light: black and gold; a heavier chainmaille side and a much lighter side of delicate chains with crystals; the hand is actually a clasp, so the pendant can be changed;

Second Place winner will win a full sized Z BOX!
Third Place winner will receive $5 towards a Z BOX purchase!!

So how do you WIN???

In 100 words or less she wants you to describe what Motherhood means to you.....

You will then email your entry to
{with "Motherhood" in the subject line}
Submissions have to be in by May 5th - 
We will then post all the entries to this blog on May 3rd
and have people comment with the blog entry of their choice and whomever has the most comments will WIN!! 
voting from May 6-May 8 

piece will be mailed to winner .......

on May 9th

We know you do not want to miss the chance to WIN this absolutely gorgeous piece of work!! 
So get those entries in! 
Leave us a comment here once you have submitted your entry to with
"Motherhood "  in the subject line!!

Don't forget to follow our blog through Blogger or adding us to your Google+ circles so you can stay up to date with what's happening here at
 Z BOX!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Monthly ZBox Deals!!

What exactly does HAND MADE mean to you?

To us it means we made it with love. For some of us it is our liviehood or at least we want it to be,  for others it is our creative outlet, yet for others it's a way to recycle. The shops in Z Box have one thing in common in that we love to SHARE what we do, or else we wouldn't be supplying samples to Z Box for people to try.  We love what we do and want you to visit our shops. We want you to try before you buy,  so that you can see first hand what we put into our products. Also hopefully you will remember that adorable, useful, or just plain cute sample we sent you in that COOL Z BOX SAMPLE BOX,  when you want to treat yourself or someone you love to something unique, we hope you remember to check out our shops first. Afterall that is what we send in the samples for......

I say "we" because I also have two shops that I send in coupons or samples for. I know first hand what we're hoping our samples will do....bring you into our shops! 

I know it's very hard to tell when one of our Z Box customers visit our store,  so I've been thinking of a way to let each shop know when you visit them. 

I know sometimes all we need is a little motivation from someone. {Some of us need a lot} so here goes!

IF you purchase a Z Box this month, when you visit a shop that is featured this month and purchase an item $5 or more from the FEATURED SHOPS 
Z Box will refund you $5  from your Z Box purchase!

This month the featured shops will be :

{come on you knew there had to be some right??}

{no refund unless they confirm it to me}

2. POST IT ON YOUR FACE BOOK OR GOOGLE+ page that you bought from this shop on Zibbet with a link to their store! {copy and paste link to shop}

3. Comment here that you've made a purchase, name the store and item so we can confirm! 

4. ONLY one refund per Z Box purchase per month... you choose which store to purchase from 
{out of the two featured Z Box shops} 

The VERY BEST part of this offer.....

Once a month 
we'll draw out of those of you who decide to take us up on this offer and you could ALSO get $5 back from your Z Box purchase if your name is drawn!  
That's a total of  UP TO $10 you could get back from your Z Box purchase 

NOW this should be an easy peasy way to gather up some items for those , upcoming birthdays & holidays or just a great deal on a treat for yourself! 

This started March 15th, 2013 and this promotion will end once we feature all current Z Box shops!!