Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unique Candles

Pat knows her candles!  Come check out her delightful Zibbet Shop where she sells her scented soy candles!

A little about Pat:
"After spending 10 year in the Real Estate field I have decided to leave the industry to be able to enjoy life with less stress. I really enjoy working in my candle room. 

TRUE STORY: A friend had always loved burning paraffin candles. Then the candles began to irritate her breathing. Therefore she had to stop using the candles she so enjoyed. When offered one of UNIQUE Candles, 100% Soy Wax, she hesitated to accept it as she told me her story. I did not expect her to try the soy candle. She did and to her surprise and excitement the candle had no negative effect on her breathing. Because of 100% soy wax she can now enjoy her candles once again. This is no guarantee that a person with scent allergies won't have problems, but this is our experience.I have lived in Berlin Twp., St. Clair County, Mi since 1974. Before that we resided in Taylor, MI. With 3 grown sons, a granddaughter and 4 grandsons, life keeps pretty busy. When we get time, we like to take off with the 5th wheel.My husband and I are active in our church, Gateway Assembly and I volunteer at Pregnancy Resource Center of Lapeer.We have 1 dog, Daisy and 3 cats, Mist, Tiny and Cali.Well, that about it. Wishing you the very best!


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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Delightful Scents

Cynnamon of Delightful Scents is a very sweet lady who knows what scent is all about!
Her creations are to die for! If you haven't tried them,  or been lucky enough to get one in a Z Box,  then you need to hop on over to her Zibbet Shop and pick you out something divine!

Sweet Orange Chili Pepper  oh my,  this sounds like a fragrance right up my alley! She has MANY, MANY , MANY scents to choose from!
Not only does she do soy wax tarts and candles....she also does incense

So get on over there and purchase some today!  
You will not be disappointed!!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mostly Maille

Pamela who is the creator of Mostly Maille is a contributing shop to Z Box as well as a buyer of

She has some of the most amazing  jewelry out there! 
Here are some examples of her Viking Knit Bracelets!

Here are some words from Pamela.....
I am dedicated to making quality jewelry that is attractive. I honestly would keep and wear every piece of jewelry I make! And if I feel good about what I make, I believe you will, too!

Most of Mostly Maille's jewelry creations are chain maille based (yes, as in Knights in Shining Armor). Hand selected beads add color to the precious metal jump rings used in the chain maille jewelry.

I also weave long, long pieces of wire into viking knit (really!) which is then made into bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. These long wire ropes are sometimes decorated with beads and pendants.

Please visit my shop... I know you'll find something that makes YOU look and feel good!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dips 'N' More

YUMM-O ! As Rachael Ray would say!!

If you LOVE dip,  this is the Zibbet Shop   for you!

These dips are AWESOME! 

Here's what Sue would like you to know about her business of dips!!
"I'm from a little town in Sobieski, WI and I enjoy cooking with different spices. Sometimes I want something simple and easy to make like the dip. Other times I love making just a gourmet dinner and spicing it up. I came up with the name because the packages can be used for so much more than a dip. Spread them on subs, pita pockets, wraps. Use as a meat rub, or add some flavor to your crock pot or even your bread machine. You can dip so many things chips, french fries, chicken tenders, crackers, fish the possibilities are endless. If your having guests it's a must have guaranteed your guests will ask you where did you get that dip. They will never guess it came from a package and how easy it was to make.

If your in Wisconsin and want try our dip check our website out for shows we'll be at: we always have plenty of samples out to taste them. While your at our website check out the recipe tab also. 

You can also find me in the community on Zibbet at: 
Join us on facebook we appreciate all our fans:
Please feel free to call me with any questions at (920)819-7155. You can also do phone orders we accept Visa and Mastercard.

Sue has sent some of her dip mixes into Z Box,  and 

we're hoping to include them again in Z Box ! 

Everything from Sweet....

To Hot & Spicy.......

Please go visit Dips 'N' More  &
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These dips will make GREAT hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, additions to gift baskets, and of course for you too.  Stock up your pantry with this deal: