Friday, February 25, 2011

Yummy Cuppy Crafts

Kimberly is such a sweet and outgoing person! She also is very creative and has many wonderful crafts in her shop!  She has been participating in Z Box since October 2010 when it began.  Her enthusiasm shows through whatever she does!

Here's a little info you would find on her profile page in her Zibbet Shop !

"I am a Proud Marine Wife to a wonderful husband and a mother to 4 young children.
 I am a stay at home mom and love it!
I have been crafting since I can remember. My mother was always making something and letting us help or letting us make something of our own.

I really got serious about crafting after my husband started deploying. With the kiddos in bed, the evenings were awful quiet, so I would use that time to help me 'stay busy'.
 It was "ME" time! It was also a time to really let my creativity flow! 

I love doing a variety of crafts and you will see that in my shop! I love trying new things!

I hope that you enjoy my crafts as much as I enjoy making them for you!"

The items she has sent to in Z Box have been top notch and ADORABLE!!

She has even purchased a Z Box and did a wonderful review of it on her blog:

You really should follow her blog to keep up with what she's creating next! You could spend hours on her fun and crafty blog.  If you are in the military or are a military wife,  this is the blog for you.  Her hubby is a US Marine,  but she'll do her wonderful crafts for other branches also!  Just go and check out her Navy Nesting Dolls....ADORABLE!!!!

Some items you will find in her Zibbet Shop are:

As you see she has quite a variety in her

Go by there and browse today I bet you can't leave with out something in your shopping cart!

Follow Kimberly and Yummy Cuppy Crafts on:

Of course through her Blog: The Cupcake Cuppy !

and of course through her Zibbet Shop: Yummy Cuppy Crafts !

Be sure to tell her Z Box  sent you!!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

GrandMa Marilyn's

Does this look like your Grandma's jewelry?? 
 Not hardly.
This terrific grandmother is well up to date on her jewelry making!
I absolutely love the Stained Glass Cuff Bracelet 
in her shop!

She is full of talent,  sweet, and an all around great person to know!

Here is a photo gallery of Marilyn's work that I encourage you to go and browse through,  you will not be disappointed !  

Here are some items from her shop!

Be sure to tell her Z Box sent you!

Be sure to tell her Z Box sent you!

Marilyn currently has a bead pattern in Z Box!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Slave To Beads

One truly amazing woman!  7 children !  And throughout her life has found the time to sell her beautiful works of art, as they changed through out her life!  Read what she has to say!

"Well where to begin? I have loved needle work,sewing and glass beads for as long as I can remember. I still have some of my grand fathers beaded jewelry items that he made for my grandmother.

In the 60,s I sold the daisy chain necklaces, bracelets and rings using glass beads. In the 70,s I sold cross stitch and macrame' wall hangings. In the 80,s it was baby quilts.

I cross stitched for a woman who published books for cross stitching. Also did sewing for a company that sold activities for Alzheimer's.

I have taken a few classes in bead work while living in Florida and have given some classes too. Because I love glass beads and a slave to beads I took a class in Lampwork beads so you will see some of my hand made Lampwork beads here in my store. I enjoy knitting and felting too. I really love learning new things I have started buying rocks to cut and polish. Mostly my learning has been from books and google.
During all of this I have been raising my 7 children and a grand daughter. I have spent about 4 years selling at shows in Florida and now in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. My goal is to find my own little place in the world of creating and sharing with others the joy of handmade things"

As you can see this lady has a variety of jewelry items and she has something that will fit everyone's style!  She does awesome work.  Please go browse her Zibbet Shop!

Be sure to tell her Z Box sent you!

She currently has samples going into Z Boxes you could either get a ring or a necklace from this lovely lady!

Be sure to let her know Z Box sent you!

Be sure to let her know Z Box sent you!

Also check out her new 
Be sure to let her know Z Box sent you!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Xquisitely Lady M

This sweet lady absolutely blows me away with her energy!  She can be found very active in the forums on Zibbet ! While making tons of jewelry, answering emails,  shipping jewelry, keeping up her facebook page and helping other Zibbeters all at the same time. Oh yeah and I believe a job outside her jewelry business!

Some words from Lady M from her profile on Zibbet:

"I got into this glorious hobby quite by accident. I got bored one day and decided to teach myself chain maille. Everything seemed to follow from there.

I turned forty-six this year, I have two incredible sons who keep me on my toes more often than not. One of them is 24 and the other is 22. They truly are the best contribution I've ever made to this life. I also have a cat named Steve (not my idea LOL) and a lionhead rabbit named Poof because she looks like a giant powder puff with the face of an Ewok.

Next month I'll be off to West Virginia and I can't wait! Hope to see some of you there!"

Her jewelry is just  fantastic!  Here are some of my favorite pieces!

You really should go visit this shop and go meet this wonderful Lady!

Be sure to tell her Z Box sent you!

Be sure to let her know you found her through Z Box!

Lady M currently has samples in Z Box 
If you purchase a Z Box Sampler Box
you could get a pair of earrings from Lady M in your box!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BHB KidStyle

Eva of BHB Kidstyle has found her niche in the handmade
market!  I just LOVE it!  The idea of putting her children's drawings on clothing, bibs, hats, baby body suits and that sort of thing,  is just a FABULOUS idea!

What Eva says about her work!

"I'm Hungarian currently living in Portugal. I love children's paintings and drawings. I find them funny and original and they always cheer me up.

It is the nature of kids' drawings that once we look at them they kind of get lost or they and up in the bin. Or they get put away into the bottom of a drawer where they will stay until we get them out again and show them to our grandchildren.
, I started using my children's drawings and ideas. I altar them and put them on t-shirts. The result can be viewed and bought in my shop! :)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestion, ideas..."

Handmade all the way from Portugal! Children all over would be so excited to get something from another  country and "designed" by another child!

This is one of my personal favorites!

My daughter loves kitty cats,  and pink,  and hearts!
Wouldn't this make a lovely 
Valentine's Day Gift for her?

You really should stop by her shop today and pick out your favorites,  because I know you will find more than one!!

Here is some more of her work:

Please go by her shop and visit,  I just know you will find something unique for someone you love!

Be sure to tell her Z Box sent you!

She participates in Z Box and the next boxes will have
T-Shirts in them! Also stay tuned to Z Box for details on a giveaway of a T-Shirt or two!

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