Monday, October 18, 2010


"UmeOrigami is your source for hand-folded origami creations.
 I specialize in folded origami dolls, magnetic and regular bookmarks, 
and folded jewelry in a variety of gorgeous chiyogami patterns."

When I saw this beautiful folded paper I was 
intrigued to learn more.  Absolutely beautiful works of art.

They would be gorgeous in a scrapbook, on a hand ~ made card, or a grouping of them in a photo frame for your wall. She doesn't only do dolls,  she does earrings, pendants, cards, and bookmarks.  If you haven't been in this Gorgeous shop yet you definitely need to stop by.

What UmeOrigami says about her passion of folding paper:

"I folded my first origami paper crane in second grade after reading the story of Sadako and the 1,000 Paper Cranes for a class assignment. It is a story that many of us read as children, but we often forget the message that is desperately tries to tell as we get older… A story of hibakusha suffering, Sadako’s story has become one urging peace and understanding from the level of those on the ground.

I attended a program in Hiroshima (Hiroshima and Peace 2009) and the stories I heard and the people I met have had a profound effect on me. I started brainstorming how I could contribute to the project of peace. So in my spare time, I fold little cranes that I can send on each anniversary of the bombing. Origami is so simple and yet the message is so powerful. When people see a paper crane, they immediately stop and remember Sadako's story.

So since this initial project, my origami journey continued and it branched into all kinds of directions. I opened a small shop on Etsy to try and sell my origami jewelry creations.
After little success, I tried my hand at folding origami paper dolls and bookmarks. My hope is that I can continually create and bring the joy of simple p
aper folding to others around the world."

Here are some of the links where you can find her Origami:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Running Garlic

This feature post is all about Debbie who runs The Running Garlic on Zibbet...Here's what Debbie has to say:

The Running Garlic is a place to share my creations inspired by my love of gardening and nature, a healthy lifestyle and most importantly a motivational source where others can find the key to unlock their own success. 

A positive outlook in life will lead to overwhelming success if you channel your thoughts and actions in such a way that affirms in your mind that you are a success. Wake every morning and visualize in your mind the level of success you wish to achieve; see it, say it and throughout the day remind yourself of your success. Make yourself a list of your goals and carry this with you; these are called Affirmations and will be the stepping stone for a life full of happiness, achievement and contentment. 

You can read more at my blogs RunningGarlic which is a gardening/food blog and RunningGarlicDesigns which shares creations and motivational tips for a Successful Life and Business.

Be the Success you were meant to be! 

I just love her blog on gardening & food!

This blog is cool too! :

Debbie is a very generous person,  she has even created a link on her website  for fellow Zibbeters to post links to thier pages. She believes we all need to stick together and help promote each other,  and I totally agree with her.  She's hoping adding the linky page to her website will result in a snowball effect of many more Zibbet blog & website owners to do the same!  I know it got me I've already added a page to this blog and I will be adding one to my Jewelry blog also!

I Just love these cards and the idea of sending Friendship Seeds!  

You can buy these cards in her Zibbet Shop:

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Please visit Debbie's Running Garlic Shop,  for some really clever gifts for loved ones, and for yourself.

I love Garlic and all things pertaining to it,  I may just have to ask her for that Garlic Cake recipe and give that a try.  She's blogged about it on one of her blogs.....

If you run a Zibbet shop don't forget to go by and add your link to Debbie's Website: