Thursday, October 7, 2010

Running Garlic

This feature post is all about Debbie who runs The Running Garlic on Zibbet...Here's what Debbie has to say:

The Running Garlic is a place to share my creations inspired by my love of gardening and nature, a healthy lifestyle and most importantly a motivational source where others can find the key to unlock their own success. 

A positive outlook in life will lead to overwhelming success if you channel your thoughts and actions in such a way that affirms in your mind that you are a success. Wake every morning and visualize in your mind the level of success you wish to achieve; see it, say it and throughout the day remind yourself of your success. Make yourself a list of your goals and carry this with you; these are called Affirmations and will be the stepping stone for a life full of happiness, achievement and contentment. 

You can read more at my blogs RunningGarlic which is a gardening/food blog and RunningGarlicDesigns which shares creations and motivational tips for a Successful Life and Business.

Be the Success you were meant to be! 

I just love her blog on gardening & food!

This blog is cool too! :

Debbie is a very generous person,  she has even created a link on her website  for fellow Zibbeters to post links to thier pages. She believes we all need to stick together and help promote each other,  and I totally agree with her.  She's hoping adding the linky page to her website will result in a snowball effect of many more Zibbet blog & website owners to do the same!  I know it got me I've already added a page to this blog and I will be adding one to my Jewelry blog also!

I Just love these cards and the idea of sending Friendship Seeds!  

You can buy these cards in her Zibbet Shop:

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Please visit Debbie's Running Garlic Shop,  for some really clever gifts for loved ones, and for yourself.

I love Garlic and all things pertaining to it,  I may just have to ask her for that Garlic Cake recipe and give that a try.  She's blogged about it on one of her blogs.....

If you run a Zibbet shop don't forget to go by and add your link to Debbie's Website:


Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Becky ... you are Fantastic and this feature is most certainly appreciated!!! Debbie :-))

Barbra said...

Great post. Thank You for allowing my 'ad'.