Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Stitch and A Prayer

Vicki is a very generous lady who owns 3 shops on Zibbet,  writes for Zibbet and is just a wealth of help and information in the forums at Zibbet.  She owns two jewelry stores,  and  A Stitch and a Prayer.

She makes beautiful jewelry with the help of her three assistants-Lluvia, Oreo and Cali., at 

Also visit her shop at Denim & Pearls 

A little of what Vicki has to say about A Stitch and a Prayer.

"My name is Vicki Schofield and I am owner and designer of A Stitch and a Prayer, where I offer original counted thread needlework patterns. My designs feature Christian and family themes. I most enjoy designing band samplers based on a verse of scripture. I love color and texture and often apply stitches to fabric that are traditionally used on needlepoint canvas. Handdyed floss and beads are often components of my designs.

A Stitch and a Prayer was "born" in 2001 as a wholesale only design company. However, a few years ago I decided to offer my patterns for sale directly to retail customers by way of the Internet. I am very excited to now sell through Zibbet!"

Some patterns you will find in Vicki's Shop!

You can find Vicki here:

In her shops at:

Vicki often participates in Z Box with all three of her wonderful shops.  She has contributed jewelry and coupons to Z Box

Please go by and shop in Vicki's wonderful shops, follow her blog, follow her on Twitter, and "like" Vicki's Face Book pages and tell her Z Box sent you!  

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dancing Rainbows

If you love rainbows....
you will absolutely love this shop!!

Adrienne is so sweet,  and when I ordered one of her
gorgeous sun catchers,  I found out it was made
in honor of her grand~daughter,  who loves grape slushies! That was the name of the sun catcher I ordered,  well one of them..... I ordered three!!
After seeing the ones she sent in for Z Box,  I went
shopping and couldn't decide on one so I got three,  two for me and one for a gift!!

Information you will find in Adrienne's profile and shop announcement!

"I was raised in the Military and lived in several countries and several states.
 I've loved experiencing all the "sights and sounds" of every place I have lived and visited. 
I feel this appreciation of other cultures has contributed to my love of art, color and music.

Art, Color and Music have always had a great influence on my life.
 For me, Prisms are a magical combination of those elements.
I love the way Ribbons of Rainbow colors dance around the room.
I hope you will too."

Adrienne also has another shop on Zibbet!

She also loves photography!

She has also sent in cards to Z Box

and I have to say looking at some of them made me 

feel like I was there in the very spot she took the 

picture,  they are so vivid and clear!!

You can find Adrienne at her shops:




Please stop by and tell Adrienne that
sent you!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tin Can Quilter

Dee Dee contributes to Z Box and her items are always presented and made with the utmost quality and care!

What Dee Dee has to say on her profile page in her

"Ever dreamed of a simpler life? After dreaming of it for many years, hubby and I are now Full-time RV'ers . We have two beautiful husky dogs (our kids), and we get to sit out under the stars or by a fire whenever we want to! Don't worry... they're outside dogs and it's ok, they LOVE it!

I have always loved Quilts, but I found that having space to create them was a bit of a challenge . . . so I modified the Tin Can a bit. Now I have the joy of creating beautiful, warm and fun things for people ~ all while living a wonderful, more simplified life!

What About us? I do the quilting/creating and designing of my purses …hubby does the support, technical stuff and gives great feedback.
We serve God, we love each other, our families, and our freedom. It is our dream to support ourselves, live simply, meet lots of people everywhere, and give to others. This shop is part of doing that, so I truly Thank You for visiting!

A portion of every sale goes toward making quilts for Project Linus, and also for World Vision. Children are children, everywhere."

Wow to live life like this!  
Dee Dee is a very sweet and talented gal!  

You should pop over to her
and see what all she has to offer! 

Here are some items you might find in her shop:

As you can see Dee Dee and the Tin Can Quilter Shop have a variety of items to offer you,  I even spotted a potato bag in there,  which I may just have to purchase!

Please go visit :

Friday, March 11, 2011


Debbie of Abracadebra has participated in Z Box
with some samples of her earrings!  They are very well made and very pretty!  
Here are a few words from Debbie that you can find in her profile page in her Zibbet Shop: Abracadebra

"Hi. I'm Debbie from Massachusetts USA. I am a passionate beader who thoroughly enjoys creating jewelry woven from the tiniest of beads, sometimes accented by bigger shinier beads of glass,crystal, and pearl. I am inspired and amazed by how the different colors, shapes, sizes & textures of the many beads contrast & compliment each other. All of my creations are made with great care as I am a perfectionist. Beadwoven jewelry is very sturdy, as the thread passes through most beads more than once. I use 6 lb fishing line, which is very strong. The knots are invisible & sealed with jeweler's glue. In between beadweaving projects,I also enjoy the instant gratification of simply stringing bigger beads. Although these projects come together more quickly, they are still made with care. In short, I take great pride in creating beaded jewelry that is both beautiful and long-lasting. If you would like to read more about my creative process, or just get to know me better, please visit my blog at 

Thank you for visiting my shop. "

Here are some items you might find in her shop!:

As you can see she has some variety in her shop!

Go shop with Debbie and find that special something!
You can intricate bead work,  to simple bead  stringing designs,  but they are all very pretty and can fit your needs for a variety of occasions!

Follow Debbie here:

and of course her:

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Mimi & Colette

Alice of Mimi & Colette is a very talented and warm person!  She has been contributing to Z Box since it's beginning in 2010!

She has sent in a variety of items for customers to sample! They have all been excellent quality and so CUTE!  You will not be disappointed when shopping her Zibbet Shop : Mimi & Colette

Alice says "I think I was born to craft. My favorite mediums to work with are fabric and yarn. All items will come from a non smoking but pet friendly home. Family and friends enjoy the items I create so they are the reason I am here today."

We're surely glad Alice is here!!

Here are some items you could find in her

Jelly Bean Pet Collar Cover!

With over 200 items for sale in her shop you are sure to find something wonderful for yourself and your loved ones (PETS included!).

Go see what Alice has waiting for you!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Custom Candy Creations

Summer,  is a very "sweet" and talented person!
Her candies are loved by many!
I myself have tasted them,  through the samples she sends in to Z Box ! They ARE YUMMY!!

Summer is a stay at home mom to 4 children and has been selling her candy for over six years now!
You can learn a little more about the flavors she offers here  at her profile page in her Zibbet Shop !

She has soooooo many flavors listed there we couldn't list them all here!!

She also has many candy molds to suit just about every event you could think of!!

Here are some items you will find in her shop:

There are many more items to tempt your sweet taste buds over at her Custom Candy Creations Zibbet Shop ! You really should go on over and check them all out!  She also does a classroom pack for your classroom parties! 

Follow Summer and her sweets here:

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