Friday, March 11, 2011


Debbie of Abracadebra has participated in Z Box
with some samples of her earrings!  They are very well made and very pretty!  
Here are a few words from Debbie that you can find in her profile page in her Zibbet Shop: Abracadebra

"Hi. I'm Debbie from Massachusetts USA. I am a passionate beader who thoroughly enjoys creating jewelry woven from the tiniest of beads, sometimes accented by bigger shinier beads of glass,crystal, and pearl. I am inspired and amazed by how the different colors, shapes, sizes & textures of the many beads contrast & compliment each other. All of my creations are made with great care as I am a perfectionist. Beadwoven jewelry is very sturdy, as the thread passes through most beads more than once. I use 6 lb fishing line, which is very strong. The knots are invisible & sealed with jeweler's glue. In between beadweaving projects,I also enjoy the instant gratification of simply stringing bigger beads. Although these projects come together more quickly, they are still made with care. In short, I take great pride in creating beaded jewelry that is both beautiful and long-lasting. If you would like to read more about my creative process, or just get to know me better, please visit my blog at 

Thank you for visiting my shop. "

Here are some items you might find in her shop!:

As you can see she has some variety in her shop!

Go shop with Debbie and find that special something!
You can intricate bead work,  to simple bead  stringing designs,  but they are all very pretty and can fit your needs for a variety of occasions!

Follow Debbie here:

and of course her:

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Abracadebra Designs said...

Thank you for the lovely write-up.
It is appreciated very much.

Walk in the Woods said...

Lovely feature!