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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day Giveaway Entry Page ~ VOTE HERE

Entry Page

Please read each entry ~ then to vote for your favorite entry ~ PLEASE comment ONLY their entry # in the comment section. 

In 100 words or less describe "What Motherhood means to you" ....
Here are the entries......

ENTRY #1 :
I never understood what motherhood meant till I had my own child.   I then realized that I wanted to instill in my son all the things my mother had given to me.  Those gifts you don't realize you have but you know just when to put them into place in your life.  Hard work, honesty, the ability to figure out any problem that comes along or fix anything with a butter knife and sheer will lol.   I had raised a man with a heart and a sense of humor and sense of compassion for others.  I did good!

ENTRY # 2 :
Motherhood means support and trust, built upon a foundation of unconditional love.  When I learned that I would be unable to carry a child, my mother helped me through the grief until I could accept that there were other ways I could love.  Today, I’m a volunteer and youth mentor for at-risk teens.  I teach third grade Sunday school.  Although my husband and I still desire a child, our family has grown quite a bit!  I credit my capacity to take on these challenges to my mom who taught me that god has a plan and not to give up.

ENTRY # 3 :
Motherhood is a way of life, for our actions have a direct impact on our children. Motherhood is motivation to be a better person. It is motivation to be the good example, motivation to show them the beauty of life, even if I was discovering it at the same time as them. It has made me realize my life is for them. Motherhood has made me feel more, experience more, love more, laugh more, cry more, and live more. It is my way of life, and reason for being. 

ENTRY # 4 : 
Motherhood is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. It means loving someone more than you could EVER imagine. It means devotion, unconditional love, fun times, hard times, and the hardest of all discipline to raise a well rounded, well loved, successful human being, even when it hurts. ABOVE all it means LOVE !

Entry # 5:
Motherhood is the ultimate expression of love through selfless servitude.  When a woman looks into the eyes of her child, she realizes that all her hopes and dreams and desires are embodied in their fullest fruition. This is a mother's greatest achievement: that she has poured all her love, all her goodness, kindness and everything worthwhile into her child.  And she spends her life guarding this precious creation.  There is no such thing as 'too much sacrifice.'  No such thing as 'too much pain.'  For there is no such thing to a Mother as 'too much love.'

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