Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More ZBox Shops to shop from!

Are you in the SHOPPING Mood yet??

Black Friday is almost here!  You couldn't pay me to go out in that mad crowd and shop!!  I do most of my Holiday shopping online! NO lines, NO fighting for items, NO being bumped into and ran over!!  I know some of you really like to get out and get caught up in the madness to find the ultimate bargain!!  I just don't like it. 
 Give me my computer, my jammies, my Thanksgiving leftovers, my java,  a comfy chair, and my warm house, and I'm off comparing and shopping!!
This year why don't you stay in and shop some of these awesome shops we've been showing you! They all have really nice handmade or vintage items, waiting to find a new home during the holidays!

If you missed the FIRST SET OF SHOPS...

If you missed the SECOND SET OF SHOPS...

Now let us begin with the next set of shops!

Okay so this concludes our shopping series posts! Just in time for you to be able to visit them all  for your Holiday Shopping needs! 
We understand you can't do all of your holiday shopping here,  but if you could just do part of your shopping with these wonderful shops, it would mean a great deal to these shop owners, and help them provide for their families......

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More awesome gift ideas!! #2 in our Stocking Stuffer Series!

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Ho Ho Ho !!!!  
Do these words bring excitement to your soul?
They do mine!
 Here's the next 6 ZBOX SHOPS in our Stocking Stuffer Series! 
{ If you missed the first 6 SEE THEM HERE }

Confetti Dot TaRDIS SANTA hat for the Doctor who fan

Please take time to browse these wonderful shops! 
They have awesome items for your holiday shopping needs! Many awesome gifts, as well as stocking stuffers, small gifts for folks like your co-workers, secret santa partners, hair dressers, mailman, friends and family! 

Be sure to tell them ZBOX sent you!

Get samples from these shops and others at:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Last Year we did a stocking stuffer series on this blog.  I think now is a great time to do it again! 

At Zibbet there are SO many awesome shops, we can't feature them all, so we feature those that are part of ZBOX . This blog is dedicated to all the Shops in ZBox !!

If you haven't started your Stocking Stuffer shopping, your Secret Santa Shopping, your co~worker shopping, your hairdresser shopping, etc, etc, etc,  we'd  like to tell you about ZBox !!

Filled with awesome samples from awesome Zibbet Shops , they can make a wonderful item to purchase and you can get 15 - 18 samples from an assortment of these shops , and each one would make a great little gift! Or group several of them together in a small gift bag, to hand out to Secret Santa partners, co~workers, hairdressers, friends, or to stuff stockings for friends and family members! 
{{{ Don't forget one for yourself too!! }}}

Now here are some items from ZBox Shops to give you some ideas for gifts this holiday season! 

Okay so here are 1/2 dozen shops to visit, {just click on the items name at the bottom of each picture to go directly to the item} to see more of these awesome items, that would make great gifts!!  Stay tuned for 1/2 dozen more before the end of the week! 

Just stick with us .... we'll take you on a guided tour of Zibbet, and all the Shops in ZBox !!

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Stay tuned for the next post on awesome gifts from  ZBox Shops !!

~ Until next time, have a great day!