Reviews from Face Book

Face Book has since removed the reviews tab from face book,  but here is the feedback we received before they removed the tab!  

Melanie White ....." I got my Zbox the other day and am thrilled with it! So many nifty little goodies in there! And I loved the zebra tissue paper and green curly ribbon it was all wrapped up in! Too cute!
September 30 at 4:22pm
Deann Tackett ...." I loved my Z Box can't wait to order next month.

September 23 at 11:31am

Evelyn Sells....." Just received my Z Box and a smaller Bundle in the mail. This was my first time for the full size Z Box and it is so AWESOME!!! This makes my 3rd bundle :) I felt like a kid on Christmas morning opening all my gifts. If you are reading this and have not yet bought a Z Box, Do it. you will not regret it.
September 21 at 2:30

Beading By Bawissa ....." Z Box is AWESOME! My mom and I shared a box this month, and there were so many good things in it! Just opening the box and seeing everything in it is fun, but checking out the shops is fun too!
May 25 at 8:40pm

May 24 at 1:56am
Ann Isa Gutierrez ...." When I open the zbox and feel like i won prizes in box and thrilled everything. I will order more every months. ZBOX IS SO AWESOME !

Vee Wills ....." As the "About" states here at Sample Z Box, "Z Box is awesome samples from Zibbet shop owners from all over the world."
Order, Open, Dive in and take a mini vacation in Z Box...a NICE Mother's Day gift!!! ;o)
Lovely presentation, lovely items, lovely surprises! Enjoyed it!
May 2 at 1:52pm

April 29 at 1:07pm
Ashley Mikkelsen ...." I'm from Canada and just this morning I recieved my first box. Although it takes awhile to get to me but that's expected. The packaging was done very nice. Luv the black and white paper with the green ribbons. It was so worth it. I'll be ordering every month :)

Milly Roland ...." I have purchased 3 Z Boxes now (Jan, Feb, & Apr), and ABSOLUTELY LOVE them!!! I am highly addicted to samplers, and even own one....and I have to say that Z Box is one of the BEST on the market today! Great packaging, large number of high-quality items (hesitant to use the word "samples" since so many are actually full-size items), prompt shipping, and super-friendly owner(s)!!!! You should be very proud of the attention & support you are giving the site and the incredibly talented artists and crafters who contribute to your samplers! Other sampler businesses could learn a LOT from y'all! :-) Now, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go do some shoppin'......
April 23 at 1:51pm

Lynn Young White ....." WOW!! Opening my Zbox was like Christmas! Everything was wonderful. I shared some things with friends and family and will definitely put everything to good use!! Thanks SO much!!
April 22 at 10:20am

Lynn Young White ...." WOW!! Opening my Zbox was like Christmas! Everything was wonderful. I shared some things with friends and family and will definitely put everything to good use!! Thanks SO much!!
April 22 at 10:20am

Kim Freese Taylor ...." I received my ZBox so quickly! Thank you! The items are wonderful and will make great gifts. I can't wait to purchase another in the future! :)

April 21 at 7:59pm

Pamela Lemons ...." I am thrilled with the quality of the items in my Z Box! I will definitely be back to purchase another one!

March 24 at 10:48am

Carol Cotton ...." I got my Z Box today and LOVED all the goodies that were inside! Opening the box and seeing all the goodies was like a mini Christmas morning! THANKS!!! I will be ordering more goodies soon!

March 12 at 7:55pm

March 7 at 9:27pm
Shiver Carr  ... "I loved my Z box. It was very full of lovely items and lovingly packed. My daughter was so excited to go through it with me. We immediately ordered something from one of the vendors. Really, this is a fantastic deal it is worth doing again and again and sharing with friends and family. I can't wait for my next one. thank you.
March 7 at 9:29pm

Elaine Sotka ... " Love, Love, Loved my box! I won mine in a giveaway and was never expecting so many things to come! And the packaging was adorable! I had to pry the box out of my 4 year old daughters hands! Thanks so much! You won't be disappointed! Thanks also to the sponsors!!! :)

Katie Palmer ... "I LOVE my Zbox! It was like Christmas going through it. I love all the goodies! It is nice to finally have something affordable to get for myself! I know what all my friends will be getting as gifts :)
February 24 at 1:37pm

Kimberly Wilson Turner ..." I was so excited to see my Z box on my doorstep! Super fast shipping! I could smell the candle sample as I opened the box! MMmmm!!! I put in one order immediately using the discount codes from one of the shops! Such a fun variety of items, and at an unbeatable price! So much fun to look through everything! My favorite item was the beautiful earrings from "It's My Thing Designs"
February 21 at 7:01pm

Amanda Skagg ..." Love my mini Z box!! There's a few things currently being put to use already!! :) Thanks again!

February 15 at 8:54pm

Kelly Woods ..." Love the box---------Thanks sooo much to you and your sponsors!!!!! Gods blessings!!!!

January 24 at 11:24pm

Sandra Pickle-Sexto ..." I won a sample Zbox before Christmas. I absolutely loved it. It was the only thing I've really gotten for myself in a while. My mom came to visit a few days later and just went on and on about how cool it was. I gave it to her when she was leaving. She tried not to take it but I made her. She was so tickled with it and is still going on about it. :) I'll be ordering one for her in the near future. I can't wait to see her face when she opens it. ? ? ?

January 8 at 11:14pm

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