Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tin Can Quilter

Dee Dee contributes to Z Box and her items are always presented and made with the utmost quality and care!

What Dee Dee has to say on her profile page in her

"Ever dreamed of a simpler life? After dreaming of it for many years, hubby and I are now Full-time RV'ers . We have two beautiful husky dogs (our kids), and we get to sit out under the stars or by a fire whenever we want to! Don't worry... they're outside dogs and it's ok, they LOVE it!

I have always loved Quilts, but I found that having space to create them was a bit of a challenge . . . so I modified the Tin Can a bit. Now I have the joy of creating beautiful, warm and fun things for people ~ all while living a wonderful, more simplified life!

What About us? I do the quilting/creating and designing of my purses …hubby does the support, technical stuff and gives great feedback.
We serve God, we love each other, our families, and our freedom. It is our dream to support ourselves, live simply, meet lots of people everywhere, and give to others. This shop is part of doing that, so I truly Thank You for visiting!

A portion of every sale goes toward making quilts for Project Linus, and also for World Vision. Children are children, everywhere."

Wow to live life like this!  
Dee Dee is a very sweet and talented gal!  

You should pop over to her
and see what all she has to offer! 

Here are some items you might find in her shop:

As you can see Dee Dee and the Tin Can Quilter Shop have a variety of items to offer you,  I even spotted a potato bag in there,  which I may just have to purchase!

Please go visit :


Deanna said...

Thank you so much for the very nice write up! I really enjoy being a part of Z Box!

Dee Dee

David said...

I highly recommend 'Tin Can Quilter'
as her products are top shelf - I
got a microwave potato bag, and it's
great! She should do very well with
quilting - she really puts her heart
into it.

Regards, Dave Bowden