Friday, July 8, 2011

Nicole's Visions

Photography fan? Then you're going to enjoy this Zibbet Shop! She does some nice things with her photography! Check it out below:

Some words from Nicole:

Perhaps you are wondering who or what Nicole’s Visions is. I hope I can shed some light on that for you. My name is Nicole. I’m a wife to a wonderful loving & supportive husband & a mom to 2 beautiful grown young ladies. My husband & I live in beautiful North Central Washington, along the Columbia River.

I can’t give you a cute story of how I first began taking pictures. It’s been a part of my life since my teen years. I have albums full of photos of my children from when they were growing up. When my oldest daughter went into the US military in 2001 & wanted some nice pictures of her in uniform, I began to think of ways to possibly make money doing what I love.

The more I explored photography, the more I loved it. I have taken casual portrait style photos of friends, family & strangers many times over the years. Somehow, my focus has always come back to nature & wildlife. I’m told I have a way of seeing the world “outside the box”. I can also show people things & places they see daily, yet no longer truly see.

After moving from Northwest Florida across the country to North Central Washington in 2005, every aspect of photography went into overdrive for me. Soon, a business was born. All the natural beauty here had to be shared. One thing I did not want, was to be like the multitude of other landscape photographers out there. I had a desire to be different. With that desire came a variety of products that showcased my photography, yet were more than just framed prints on walls. So far I have created calendars, note cards, bookmarks, magnets, worded prints (& plain prints), & coaster tiles.

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