Friday, August 12, 2011

The Beauty Pirate Review!!!

Hello,  as you can see I'm a little behind in my features of Z Box Shops!  Let's just say it's been a CRAZY busy summer!
So while you wait for the features to start back,  I wanted to share with you one of my favorite people!
The Beauty Pirate!
I have been watching her do video reviews of other sampler boxes for quite some time now.  Even before Z Box was ever thought of!! She is funny, cute and ADOOOORABLE!!  Please watch her review of Z Box,  and if you are into beauty, fashion, make -up, and sampler boxes you should follow her blog,  and her you tube channel!!
PLEASE tell her Z BOX sent you to follow her!!  We just love her!

Enjoy the video !!  If you'd like to see more videos about Z Box and the shops involved in Z Box please visit and follow / subscribe to our  you tube channel:

1 comment:

The Beauty Pirate said...

AWWW! I just saw this! SHUCKS! (toes the ground shyly..)