Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Giveaway By Texas Eagle Gallery

Giveaway by Texas Eagle Gallery !!
In the need of a little Voo Doo in your life?
If you win this giveaway .... you'll get this
adorable little fellow who can help you out
with that! Or if you just need a pin cushion.....
he's good for that also!!
Read how to enter below!

This VooDoo doll pincushion is the perfect place for any crafter to take out their frustrations and keep up with their pins at the same time! Designed after "one of those days" - this doll was made in the voodoo tradition of using the things you have at hand - sewing materials in my case. Your VooDoo doll will be as similar to this one as possible. 
Traditionally, the doll’s intended purpose effects how it looks as well as how it's made. And these ancient practices don't always bring dark remedies. Voodoo dolls can also bring love, good luck, or prosperity.

Lore tells us that to use the doll you must get a personal item (clothing, hair, or any other item) belonging to the person you with to effect, and pin it to the doll.

A Bit about the studio.....
Our first studio opened in 1978 and we've been trying to find  a favorite medium ever since! We just love them all, and you never know what you will find here! We did find our favorite place-Ireland! So, in addition to Texas items, we will feature many of our favorite bits of Eire!PASSIONATE about what we do!DETERMINED to please! From our Texas home to our Irish passion - we have an eclectic 
mix of arts, accessories and collectibles. 

Okay so now you know a bit about him 
& them....here's how to enter
the giveaway!!

Like the FaceBook Page for Texas Eagle Gallery:

Find your favorite item in their shop HERE  and 

tell us what it is in a comment below!!

FaceBook "likes" will be checked and if you are not

a fan you will not win!  

You should also be a fan of Z BOX on FaceBook !!

Winner will be chosen by Random.org.

Giveaway open to most countries!

Winner to be chosen on April 15th!!
 If you are not a fan of the FaceBook Pages 
above you automatically forfeit any prize!


TexasEagle said...

Mr. VooDoo is ready for his new home! Excited here!

Daresa B. said...

I love Mr. Voodoo.... if I knew Voodoo, I would probably put him to use on a couple of people. LOL. I also love this pony tail holder: http://www.zibbet.com/texaseagle/artwork?artworkId=394788

Raige Creations said...

wow, so much to choose from in the shop I had a hard time narrowing it down! but i was liking this the other day when I featured it in a Zibbet Exhibit on my blog, and still love it today. I would so wear it.

But I would also LOVE a voodoo doll, heehee. would really come in handy.....

sandysweeps said...

Many unique items, but I like the voodoo doll best. Have always wanted one!!!

Rebecca said...

I love the turquoise feather earrings!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you pointed out this page!! I love many of their items and especially like the "You'll never walk alone" print.

I believe I will be ordering from this site in the near future!!

Margaret Cowan said...

I love the framed quotes, especially the "Music is what Feelings sound like"!! :)

jeteryankeelover said...

Love the Matt the Millers sign!! You have so many beautiful items.

mim said...

I love the cure or memory bear

Anonymously Scandalous said...

Celtic Design Button Ring love it

Portable Graffiti said...

How exciting! I am entering this awesome contest. I liked Texas Eagle's FB page and was surprised I had not liked it ages ago. I have been a "liker" of the Z Box page for a while. Okay that's 2 things. My favorite item in Texas Eagle is the junk mail jewels. You can see it here: http://www.zibbet.com/texaseagle/artwork?artworkId=86576 Oh what fun that would be hang around my abode. I also love the voo doo doll. (Are we allowed to like more than one thing?) Uh oh, where's the directions, can't see them from this page. Okay I'll post this, then go back and look to see if there is more to do, and come back to add it. Good luck everyone!! Oh no! NOw these funnly little word to type in to make the magic happen..