Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stay Tuned for another giveaway soon!

In the meantime,  JUNE Z BOXES will GO ON SALE  June 15th.
There are only 15 Z Boxes this month .....so stay tuned to get yours!

Please we ask that you remember why there is a.... Z Box.....

These shops provide samples of their work for you, so that you may see the kind of
quality and love they put into their work.  It is to introduce you to their shops.
PLEASE when shopping for unique items for your self,  and gifts for your
loved ones, remember these awesome shops and purchase from them! 
Without them there would be no Z Box!

Also please remember Z Box makes a great gift !  What a unique way to
introduce people to the world of Zibbet,  and give them a little
of many things. 
 They are fun and always provide useful items!!
They make awesome gifts!!
For yourself and those you love!!

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