Monday, October 8, 2012

Good Morning!!

How many of you are thinking ahead to Christmas and getting those much needed stocking stuffers, secret Santa gifts and what nots??

Here at Z Box we'd like to remind you that a Z Box  makes a perfect under $20 gift for those you want to get a little something for.  It's value is so much more than $20 {Shipped FREE in the USA} You would be giving 15 or more little gifts in one! PLUS ~ Introducing the gift recipient to many wonderful shops at once!

Get a SUBSCRIPTION TO Z BOX  and automatically get a  Z BOX  October, November and December.  The best part with a subscription you pay less than $20 each {$18 each still shipped FREE to you in the USA}

So put on those Christmas thinking hats,  get to shopping early,  and order your subscriptions now &  you'll be that far ahead of your Christmas Shopping!!

***LOOK for ideas from our Z Box shops for Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa Gifts and more coming to you here and to our Face Book Page starting soon***

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