Friday, November 16, 2012

Continuing the Stocking Stuffer Ideas from our 

Here are a few more to tantalize you!
Remember to purchase now to avoid the crowds.....oh wait a minute you're shopping from home! Okay so remember to shop now to fill those stockings and check off those lists EARLY,  so you can relax and enjoy the season!!

Fill those stockings with fun glass pendants and magnets from 

Need a little Holiday decor? I just love this.... no it wouldn't fit into a stocking,  but this shop has many things that will!! Check them out

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons!!  All the things you can do with buttons!! This amazing shop has all kinds of button ideas! Check them out:

Last one for today,  but definitely not least .....
got a little angel in your life that would like a bracelet?  This shop has many beautiful pieces to choose from ... we like this one!

So we've given you a few more places to shop for those Christmas Gifts, Stocking Stuffers, Secret Santa Gifts, and we won't tell if you sneak a gift or two in there for yourself! 
After all that shopping for everyone else,  you should treat yourself to a gift with MANY little gifts inside! It will be like Christmas morning when you open it up to discover all the awesome samples these shops and others have put in the Z Box!!


Barbra said...

Thanks! Love stuffers since they're little...and I'm not!

Adrienne Wilson said...

What wonderful ideas. Thanks for making us all look good :)