Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Special Summer Boxes ON Sale NOW!!


Summer has started off here with a
 I've been so busy hustling and bustling kiddos to $1 movies, reading programs at the library, tutoring lessons, swimming lessons, and fun trips like miniature golf and so forth, I haven't had time to breath! 

HOWEVER.....Today it is raining and we {meaning the kiddos and me} cleaned out the sample shelves for Z Box,  and we made up cute little boxes of 1 dz samples per box.....

Now the thing you need to know about these samples is that they could be holiday themed, or they could be from a shop that has gone out of business or is no longer on Zibbet, or THEY could be from our current collection, to help us fill the box or we just had extra!  Some of the samples may not even be labeled as to who they are from! So if you're looking for only current samples, and none that are holiday themed ~ don't even think about ordering one!

BUT if you want a cute little present themed holiday box chock full of 12 items from shops that have been or currently are in Z Box then this is a fun little treat for you! 

Please read the description carefully before ordering!! 

There are only a few available so you better hurry and order!!

We hope you are enjoying your

Come order your $12 treat box for the summer!
{AND that INCLUDES shipping }