Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Wow!! Already the Holidays are upon us!

As you already know ZBox is all about Handmade !

Zibbet has challenged all of it's sellers to take the Handmade Pledge! 

As a buyer you can take the 
Then please share it around on your
Face Book pages and Pinterest accounts, oh and don't forget to tweet it! 

They want this to become VIRAL, it is so important to them to keep the integrity of handmade on their selling site!  Zibbet also allows Vintage and Supply shops as well as handmade, but they will never allow "Mass produced" items to invade the site like it has on some other "handmade" sites! When you SEARCH for items on Zibbet, you will find true handmade items! 

ZBox is a collection of shops that offer, handmade, vintage, and some supplies! So when you order a ZBox, you are getting a firsthand view of what these shops offer! 

ORDER  YOURS today! Some of them this month will contain a piece of sterling silver jewelry! 
Please take note of all the shops in ZBox and you'll have a guided tour of  some of the wonderful shops at Zibbet!!

Please shop from these shops for  your holiday needs!  Each shop has something unique to offer you for awesome handmade gifts!! 


To mass produced gifts this year and visit Zibbet !! Order your ZBox today to get a guided tour!!

Enjoy Halloween and 

After you order your ZBox and take the Handmade pledge of course!!

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