Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What This Blog Is About

I have several blogs, and places to find my work on the world wide web! Not much traffic yet, and hardly anywhere to post my items for free. I have signed up with Zibbet , the latest and greatest place to sell your wares. I love it, it's so friendly and easy to use. I wanted to do something for me and all of the Zibbeters who have taken a chance on this new ecommerce site to sell their handmade items!! So I came up with the idea of a blog to show off the items made by Zibbeters !

Only items that are hand-made will be featured on here. No supplies, No vintage, No Commercial items will be featured. So if you are hunting cute handmade items you can follow this blog and come across some very talented artists and crafters, looking for buyers for their items!!

If you know of a person on Zibbet and would like me to do a post on their products please email me at bodyandsoulproducts@gmail.com

Please browse through and enjoy the sites !

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