Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year !!

Happy New Year...

Now that we all have overdosed on chexmix and wrapping paper, let's talk about the new year!

Here at Z Box there is no January Z Box so shops can gear up for the New Year and send in samples for our famed February Z Box :
Exciting and New......
We're expecting you.....
soon we'll be making another run......

I know corny right? Plus I'm showing my age here....in case you don't recognize the theme song "Z LOVE BOX" is geared toward...I'll let you in on the secret!

One of my very favorite shows when growing up,  my cousin and I watched it all the time. I always thought gofer was the cutie but the Doc always got the girls! Issac was too funny and well Captain Stubing was notorious and didn't we all want to be Julie??  Well, maybe not all of us but I always wanted too.  Okay enough about the LOVE BOAT, if you've never watched ..... check it out here:

Okay...Okay... back to 
2013 !!!

If you ordered a gift or two from some of our Z BOX SHOPS this year ~ we'd like to thank you very much! They greatly appreciate it, and if you didn't please give them a try... you won't be disappointed!! 

Stay tuned for more about 

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