Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January is flying by....
I have been having major computer
troubles, viruses, and recovery issues.
I "think"  all of that is over now....so on to business!!!

Exciting and new.....
We're expecting you.....

Well  "Z LOVE BOX" is shaping up very well. From candles, bath bombs, perfume, soap, and SO much more....
"Z LOVE BOX"  will be great to send to a loved one, or to treat yourself!!!

They are listed for sale now at:

There aren't many so get on over and get yours today. If you want us to ship it directly to a loved one be sure to let us know in message to seller, and we'll be happy to do so!!!

Some small Valentine's Day bags will be available by the end of the week!!
Stay tuned!!!

Have a wonderful week!

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