Friday, October 7, 2011

Hi! My name is Nicole. I'm married with 3 children 
DD 11yr, DS 5yr, and DD 1yr. We have 1 cat, 2 dogs and some fishies. 
We all live in Colorado, but my husband and I are from Illinois.
I love making jewelry! It's really nice to be able to whip up a 
pair of earrings to match a shirt or make my own anklets
(I love anklets!).
I would really like to learn how to make my own beads and 
little flowers with polymer clay, and learn how to sew!
For now I'll just stick to jewelry making! I've found it to be 
very relaxing and it's something I can do with noisy 
children running around!

Please visit Nicole's Zibbet Shop: Your Favorite Bracelet for some very lovely
jewelry creations!  She has participated in Z Box with samples and coupons!

Here are some items you may find in her shop:

Thank you Nicole and Your Favorite Bracelet for being part of Z Box!!

When you go visit her PLEASE tell her
Z Box  sent you!!

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