Friday, April 8, 2011

It's My Thing Designs

Wow!!  What can we say about this special lady??  She is so organized,  and talented!  Her workspace is my dream workspace.  I asked if she could come and organize my space......but Canada is a bit far away for that!

She is a very generous contributer to Z Box (like all the Z Boxers are!!)
She has sent in earrings and wine glass/mug charms!

A Bit about Wanitta......

"My name is Wanitta Ranson. I am 48, have two kids (20 and 22) and have been married to the same great guy for 23 years!

Originally a West Coast girl I moved to Alberta just before we were married but we now have plans to move back to Vancouver Island in 4 years once our daughter is finished her University degree.

Over the years I have engaged in many community activities such as a volunteer craft instructor at a nursing home, sang in a community choir, volunteer costume designer and maker for a local children's musical theatre group all the while being a stay at home mom and "living" at the kids' schools doing various volunteer work.

I was born in Vancouver but moved to the Island shortly before my 10th birthday. We lived in many places on the Northern Island where I became immersed in the Native Culture. This is how I came to love beading, needle crafts, jewelry making and many other art forms. For more info please visit my website at and read ‘Jewelry ~ Not Just About the Bling’. Since then I have enjoyed designing and creating with various materials.
Both of our kids have inherited my creative genes and I am very proud of them for their accomplishments so far. My son is a web designer and runs his own company, Airglo Media, employing two other guys. My daughter has been painting since she was 11 and has had her water colors and acrylic works featured in 2 local galleries and one Edmonton gallery and is now attending university for graphic design - specializing in photography.

I suffered a bilateral pulmonary 
three years ago after ankle surgery
 but that hasn't slowed me down. 
I love life, adventure, family,
and creating. As I say...
 "It's my thing and I love it!". 

You can find all sorts of things...
 in Wanitta's shop:

As you can see she has a very good variety in her shop!
She also has another shop to help her make room for
 new supplies!  Check it out here:
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 the following Social Networks:

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Please go visit Wanitta and tell her Z Box sent you!!

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