Monday, April 4, 2011

Bead casita

Where else can you find beautiful jewelry or the supplies to make it with in one easy shop??

Join me in browsing this site,  I'm a jewelry maker and went browsing at her supplies,  
and ended up in awe of how beautiful her jewelry is!

Here's what The Bead Casita has to say:

"Welcome. BeadCasita is a shop that makes her own jewelry, multi media items and also sells hand selected supplies from warehouses. I try to buy items that are unlike others and don't conflict with what everyone else is selling. I've a love for components and gadgets and that may be seen in my multi media creations. I'm not happy with just stringing beads on a strand, i have to have linking components and areas of different interest. This is where i veer off from usual styles and ways as well. I also have an obsession with how a piece of jewelry hangs or drapes (no binding) and will not complete till it passes this obsession test. I hope my fussiness agrees with you as well. Enjoy the shop!"

Here's some of the jewelry you might find in her shop!

and she doesn't just do jewelry......

You will find other items in her shop as well as jewelry making supplies!!

Please go visit her shop at:

Be sure to order something and tell her Z Box sent you!

At the time this was written Bead Casita had not set up a Face Book or Twitter account.

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